Jewellery storing hacks


So, you're only able to find one of your favourite earrings, or you have no idea where that one bracelet is, or you've found that one necklace you've planned to wear with a specific outfit only to see it all tangled up. If this sounds familiar to you, you're not alone. 

Here's the thing: We all have problems when it comes to storing our jewellery and accessories. It's the whole notion of "too many accessories; too little space on our body to display them". And so, they're left in the drawers or jewellery boxes and cases. 

And how many times have we gone searching for that particular necklace, only to find it tangled up and rolled into a ball of metal mess? Or that one pair of earrings we've spent a lifetime searching through the many drawers and compartments? 

Because we're always looking for genius life hacks when it comes to storing jewellery, we thought it'll be great to just organise them into one post so we all can save and refer to. 

HACK #1 - Ice cube trays 

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Why? They're perfect for small trinkets and accessories. Each tray has about 10 cubes that can be translated into compartments for storing. Here's where you can store all those small earrings to prevent from ever losing just one side or making use of each cube compartment to separate your rings!

What we love about this hack is that you can always find trays in fun colours to match your wardrobe or vanity table. Plus, they come in many different shapes. 

Our tip: Get the rubber ones (and not plastic). They're malleable and easy to clean. Also, you can stick your earrings through the walls of the cube to prevent them from straying. 

HACK #2 - Daily pill container

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Why? Ready-made container space with a cover to prevent the small accessories from falling out or having them oxidised/damaged from humidity. This is perfect for travelling as well, as you don't have to take up too much space. 

What we love about this hack is that you can plan out what accessories to use on which day, thanks to the day-labels on the cover! Plus, it's air-tight and you won't run the risk of ruining any metal or silver pieces. 

Our tip: Get the clear ones. At least you can see what's being stored. 

HACK #3 - Ring bowl

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Why? Because it looks pretty on the vanity, that's why. Plus, you don't have to search through drawers and its dark corners to find the ring you want to use. Just categorise or organise your rings into different bowls. 

What we love about this hack is that they make great table decorations for your vanity. You can choose different sizes for different types of rings or even for other accessories. 

Our tip: Of course, if you have the actual boxes for the rings, it's always better to use them (this is more for your fine jewellery and diamonds). In any case, choose a bowl that best fits your room decor. Also, you can use this as storage for your earrings or bangles. 

HACK #4 Tiered trays are not just for cakes


Why? Because if they work for cupcakes, they'll work for accessories! We've seen this many times as we trawl through pinterest boards, that we've put this into practice ourselves. Just like the bowls, these tiered trays are aesthetically pleasing and make for a good table decoration piece. 

What we love about this hack is that you can drape your necklaces on it as well. You can place the pendants on the tray and let the chain or cord hang down to create a tassel effect (design detail FTW!). 

Our tip: Get the three-tiered ones and arrange your accessories according to types or sizes. Or, you can DIY your own buy using drinking glasses (or champagne flutes) and different-sized saucers.