In The Bag: The Intern

1.  Dooney & Burke Shoulder Bag - I bought this bag when I was online shopping on eBay in 2012. I was very much into small shoulder bags (still am now!) because I can just sling it across my body, and my arms and hands will not be restricted. Furthermore, I carry only the essentials when I go out so I don’t need that much space.

2. Ray-Ban Aviators - I love my pair of Aviators. They’re so versatile; they add a touch of edginess to any outfit I wear.

3. Typo A5 Buffalo Journal & MUJI Pen - I prefer to write down notes, thoughts, and reminders as I remember things better this way.

4. Black and White Stripe Umbrella - I will always bring along an umbrella because it’s the only shelter I have for when I am walking outside. It was a lucky find - bought it for just under $10 from Metro.

5. H&M Selfie Lighting Case For Iphone 7 - As a true-blue Millennial, this casing is a must. When my makeup look is on point/I’m feeling myself, and happen to be in dim-lit rooms/places with horrible lighting, the casing helps as it is a necessity to take selfies/videos and post it to Instagram story.

6. A Bunch of Keys + SanDisk Thumb Drive + Keychain - My house keys. I attach my thumb drive to my keychain because I used it quite a lot when I was in uni. And since I have my house keys with me most of the time and I don’t want to lose my thumb drive, why not attach it to my house keys? My keychain was from a trip to the Grand Canyon.

7. Michael Kors Cardholder - I use this cardholder as a wallet because it’s compact and doesn’t take up much space in this bag. I also store coins in the cardholder too.

8. Lip Ice Sheer Colour (Unscented) - This lip balm is old school but I like how it keeps my lips from cracking, yet it has a tint of colour so I don’t look dull. I always get the unscented version of this lip balm because I hate the smell of artificial strawberries.

9. Glossier Generation G in Leo - I chose the shade Leo for my go-to casual makeup look. I like the simplicity of Glossier’s packaging, as well as how the lip colours are natural-looking.

10. Hair Clip - I use this to put my hair up when I’m doing work or when I want to feel comfortable. I just wrap my hair in a bun and clip it. I feel that it’s simple and more stylish this way.