Take Five: Pack Them Too

So, you've planned your wedding and confirmed the flowers. Everything is going as planned and it's now on to your honeymoon. Apart from the usual clothes and beauty products, what exactly do you want to bring for honeymoon? 
- Rohai

OK, your grand wedding ceremony/dinner is over and now it's time to pack your suitcases for that honeymoon trip of a lifetime. Whether you're going to explore the gorgeous and quaint towns of Old Europe, or go around the cities of America. Or, seclude yourselves in a gorgeous sea-view villa in a private island, you definitely need some things to ensure complete relaxation. 

You already know that you need to pack that one special outfit (click here for a Style guide) and you know you have to streamline your beauty kit (Click here for some amazing tips). But in addition to the basics, keep these items handy as well. 


Now, I always suggest bringing something from home. This can be anything from a small pillow to a great picture of the newlywed-you from the wedding. My go-to whenever I'm travelling, is to pack two small candles - one from Diptyque and the other from Jo Malone. I always get travel sized ones or ask for a metal cover to ensure that the candles are always capped, when not in use. This prevents them from getting damaged. 

Why do I bring candles? It's just something that reminds me of the comforts of my room. You see we all have our quirks and lighting my favourite candle and allowing the scent to fill up the room calms me down, and, erm, puts me in the mood. And since you're on your honeymoon... Well, 'nuff said. 

2. READING MATERIAL (for both of you)

Ok, this is quite essential. A vacation - honeymoon or not - is also the time for you to destress, lounge about poolside, or just have a long bubble bath. If you know what you partner's favourite magazines are or notice a new book out by his favourite author, pick up something to entertain him as well. There are times when you just want to get lost in your own world. This is the perfect moment to delve into a good book. 

But don't bring serious ones. Try light-hearted ones. My recommendation for now? Kevin Kwan's Rich People Problems. The third instalment of the Crazy Rich Asians series is incredibly entertaining and let's you imagine yourself to be a part of this exclusive world. 


Don't underestimate the power of... Boyz II Men. heh. Ok, I jest. But before you leave, be sure to draw up a playlist on Spotify of all your favourite songs. I always like to have various playlists on my Spotify. So, depending on the mood (or, rather my mood), I'll hit "Shuffle Play" on the specific playlist. 

Don't forget to have one with all the songs you both enjoy. Puts you in the mood - especially with the candle burning. 


No, not one of those cumbersome school bags. Rather, remember to pack a small cute backpack. Maybe a vintage Chanel backpack perhaps? This is a great way to ensure that you have your essentials ready and safe when you're out exploring.