In The Bag: The Video Wiz

1) Converse Bag - I have been using this backpack since my secondary school days.Maybe its time to get a new one.

2) iPhone 5s - My first smart phone that my parents bought for me on my 21st birthday. Really grateful for it.

3) External Hard Disk - 1TB worth of storage space. Most of my project videos and photos are stored in here. I carry it with me almost everywhere I go.

4) Notebook - Notebooks are so important to me. Whenever I see something interesting or have an Idea on my mind, I would either pen it down or sketch it out. They contain information which sometimes do come in handy whenever i am looking for ideas for a project

5) Gopro Hero4 - Got this action camera to help me with my video work. Although is small and light in weight, it records pretty really decent videos and photos. Its a great tool to bring along while on vacation. It has a  waterproof casing, so no need to worry about keeping it dry.

6) Fisheye and Marco Lens - I seldom use these lenses on my phone, but they are great if I happen to want to photograph interesting landscapes or subjects.

7) House Keys - My aunt got me this acrylic kangaroo keychain as a souvenir from Australia. The top part of it is broken because I used it to open a beer bottle cap. #notawisemove

8) Cleaning Kit - A piece of microfiber cloth and a soft-brush (Yes its looks like a lipstick from the outside). Used to clean my DSLR that I carry around.

9) EarPods - Coz music is life. And also to mute out all that buzz on the MRT.

10) Braun Baffel wallet -  Love this leather wallet that my other half got for me on my 22nd Birthday. Its has a plain clean design which I love.

11) Valore power bank - Backup power supply for phone.