Letter from the Editor: We're 3!

And just like that, we went from opening our doors online to celebrating three years of business. In the process, we went from just an idea to a team of eleven people strong, from our first desk in a co-working space to most of a shophouse on Club Street, and from just a couple of hundred pieces to many thousands in the most amazing walk-in closet in town. But most importantly, we won the trust of thousands of collectors who keep coming back time and time again. 

Being a small business, we rarely take the time to reflect on past achievements as we continually focus on the next set of challenges. Once you stop and look back, it becomes an endless mosaic of anecdotes, people and places that influenced our journey thus far. Expressing my humble gratitude in a short, non-boring way turned our to be much more difficult and unnatural than I expected - like trying to explain what you’re grateful for at your child's birthday while everybody is waiting for cake...

Less is more. I simply want to say that we are not just celebrating three years in the life of a business; today we are also celebrating three years of a team that stuck together through thick and thin and fought passionately to turn a good idea into a good business (and a business for good!). If you've been a collector of ours since the early days, you may have noticed that you’ve been dealing with a lot of the same people all along - that’s passion, conviction and grit right there. This team is as loyal to each other as we are to our collectors! And we are also celebrating you, dear collector. Good ideas and hard work are nothing without people to understand them and make them their own. Thank you for trusting us, thank you for helping us grow and thank you for being here for us, you too are a core part of our team!

Let’s have some cake! (and champagne)