Tech Geek: Authentication Is Our Game #entrupy

THE FIFTH COLLECTION has a reputation for its world-leading authentication process. But why is authentication important, what does THE FIFTH COLLECTION do differently, and what do you need to know to stay safe as you search online for your next vintage or secondhand purchase?

Authentication goes straight to the heart of the vintage and secondhand luxury fashion industry. With the high prices involved, the industry is a magnet for increasingly prolific and sophisticated counterfeiters.

If you are an avid collector, you may think you are immune to this because you know a thing or two about your favourite brand, but be aware that studies have shown that even top professional authenticators only get it right about 70% of the time.

At THE FIFTH COLLECTION, authentication has always been our priority, which is also why we offer an unlimited money-back authenticity guarantee on every item we sell. But we also believe that a sophisticated problem requires a sophisticated solution.

That is why we jumped at the opportunity to invest and help develop the world’s most advanced luxury goods authentication technology developed by a group of NYU scientists. With this technology, our authentication accuracy is now above 98% and second to none.

How does it work? The technology takes microscopic pictures of the surface of the item and uses computer deep learning to compare the images against a database of millions of pictures of authentic and counterfeit items. The imaging is so sensitive, it can fingerprint the item and recognise it the next time it is scanned.

We are very proud to be at the razor's edge of authentication technology and leading the fight against counterfeits in Asia. Yet, the benefits all accrue to you, our collectors. Combined with our 7-day free return & refund policy and our unlimited authenticity guarantee, you might forgive us for asking: “why shop for vintage and preloved luxury fashion anywhere else”?