The Scene: Fashion Talks

Yes, we love clothes, shoes, bags and everything to do with fashion. We also love people who are passionate about the business and the industry, and hearing them talk about it. It's always great to be inspired by some of the great leaders in the fashion industry, and to hear their opinions on the changing face of the fashion industry. 

That's why we've decided to draw up a list of our favourite fashion talks - funny and serious - to share with you, our dear readers. Watch them over the weekend, it's worth it. 

1. Leandra Medine of Man Repeller on Influence & Growth

Why you should watch it: In the years that she has been active as a fashion blogger, Leandra Medine has risen to great prominence for her hilarious take on serious fashion. Her blog, The Man Repeller, aims to write about fashion pieces that women love but men hate. Medine, who is also an author of a best-selling book, is considered one of the very few legit digital influencers and key opinion leaders, especially when it comes to fashion. In this sit-down interview/seminar, hosted by TechCrunch, Medine muses about the next step in growing her brand into the next level. It's pretty interesting to watch her think through the process of how she wants to grow her brand. Taking inspiration from other successful subscription-based platforms, The Man Repeller is looking to subscription plan that would deliver a limited run, customised box of the “five seasonal items you need.” This could present a unique opportunity in the market for Man Repeller.

2. Vogue Festival: Victoria Beckham and Alexandra Shulman

Why you should watch it: Despite her icy persona, one that has been perpetuated by the media, Victoria Beckham is a hilarious woman. And in this interview with Vogue UK's Alexandra Shulman, Mrs Beckham also reveals how business-savvy she is in building a brand and, today, a fashion empire. It's great to watch her recount the story of how she started out in the fashion business - mind you, many initially scoffed at the idea that this former pop star who was a member of The Spice Girls could actually be a fashion designer. More than a decade later, she now sits atop a successful fashion label that's been growing from strength to strength. This "talk" may be a long one but it's an interesting one to watch. 

3. 73 questions with Anna Wintour

Why you should watch it: Listening to the editrix of Vogue answer 73 questions is pretty hilarious. Watch out for celebrity drop-ins, like Karlie Kloss, asking Ms Wintour questions about her preferences between leather and fur, vintage and new, etc. Also, is it any surprise that her favourite book is Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice? Ok, maybe slightly surprising since Wintour is known for her no-nonsense attitude. Surprising though is the fact that she wished she had written the book, "War & Peace". Now that's a tome. If anything, this 7-minute video is quite hilarious and, surprisingly, rather informative.

4. TED Talk: Tavi Gavinson - A teen trying to figure it out

Why you should watch it: When she started her blog, Style Rookie, many years ago, Tavi Gevinson was a young 12-year-old girl who Loved fashion. Yes, love with a capital L. She was so eloquent and incisive in her posts that many journalists and editors, who were way more senior in age and in rank than her, were convinced that she did not write them herself. But she did. In this TED Talk, Gevinson bemused about fashion and starting her own magazine - an intelligent magazine for teens by teens.