Take Five: An Unconventional V-Day

It's that time of the year again; when restaurants are fully reserved and everything is more expensive on this day than it was on any other day. 

For those who'd prefer to stay away from the predictable date (read: dinner at a fancy restaurant, bouquets of roses and kitschy gifts to represent tokens of love), we've got a couple of interesting suggestions you may want to try. 

Have a movie marathon

So you're not in the mood to jostle with the crowd and stare at other couples having their romantic outing/dinner in town. How about inviting some friends over, rent a couple of movies and spend the day stuffing your faces in front of the telly? Friendship is a relationship that needs to be celebrated as well and there's no other day more fabulous than Valentine's to catch up with your good pals and make new memories. 

Go for a picnic

Yeah, you're a romantic at heart so go on and gather some foodstuff and head over to Botanic Gardens or the beach and have a picnic with friends. There may be 34,576,554 other couples (we jest) doing the same but at least you have the company of your friends to distract your vision. But, be warned. No alcohol consumption in public after 1030pm! Then again, that can easily be rectified (see point #1). 

Go on a food trail

This is Singapore and eating is our favourite national past-time. So, gather a couple of people and just head over to the many hawker centres this nation has to offer! 

Stay home and shop

Online that is. This Valentine's Day, browse through online racks to get some chic rags and togs for the year. After all, Chinese New Year is around the corner! And while you're at it, come over to THE FIFTH COLLECTION (shameless plug) where you're sure you'll find something you fancy (definitely, your true love! heh)