Wardrobe Wizard: Good as New

Here are some hacks on how to give your shoes some love and make them last longer. Always keep the dust bag. It’s a gentle way to store your shoes and great for traveling.


  • Compact clear boxes are a great way of protecting your shoes. They also make finding the perfect shoes to match your outfits  a breeze. You can find plastic boxes at Daiso that help you do just that.
  • Place your shoes alternately to save space. This means using the heel-to-toe method of placement and storing. This way, you can see the details on both the front and the back of the shoes at a glance. 
  • Protect your shoes from humidity by putting a charcoal filter in the shoebox or dustbag. Charcoal filters can be bought from Daiso. 


  • Clean your shoes with baby wipes for that are made for sensitive skin. These wipes are not mild enough to be used on the leather so the colour won't run and will not damage them.
  • Use a suede eraser to get rid of small stains on your shoes. Finish off with a suede brush to restore the texture. 


  • To prevent the tip of the shoe from tearing, go to your favourite cobbler to get it protected. 
  • When you wear your shoes all day, the leather will get moist and loses its shape. Use a shoe tree to hang them after use, they are great to draw moisture out of your shoes and let the shoes get back to its natural shape. Shoe tree will also absorb perspiration and prevent odour. 
  • Repair damages on your shoes immediately. Don’t wait too long to visit you cobbler and you will avoid permanent damage to your shoes.
  • Because it rains quite a bit in Singapore, protect your shoes from the wet weather by giving them a coat of waterproof spray. 


Shoe polish in black, brown and neutral
Leather brush
Polishing cloth
Waterproof spray
Sole dressing to restore the edges of the soles from scuffs
Cedar shoe tree
Charcoal filter