Take Five: Screen Time

Recently released on Netflix, Sour Grapes is a fascinating crime documentary about two things that our team holds near and dear to our hearts: authenticity and good wine!
Possibly the biggest-ever wine counterfeiting scam in the history, Sour Grapes is the story of young Indonesian Rudy Kurniawan, the wine industry’s version Catch Me If You Can.

As wealthy as he is unassuming, his charm and knowledge of wine pave his way to the inner circles of wine royalty, befriending experts such as Robert Parker without raising suspicion.
So did he fool them all? Yes and no. It seems evident that Rudy really does have an exceptional palate. So good, in fact, that he developed an even rarer skill: alchemy.
Rudy seems able to break down the most prized wines into such precise components that he can emulate them by mixing lesser wines, and them sell them as the originals!
The irony is that this fascinating documentary attempts to do much the same by reconstructing Rudy himself from fragments of his life as he did not want to be interviewed…
Highly recommended, pair with a nice glass of burgundy. Cheers!