Take Five: Fashion Podcasts to Download

We love reading magazines. Sure, we have Kindle, iPad and tablets to read mobile versions of our favourite magazines but, let's face it, sometimes that can be super cumbersome. Worse still when you're holding on to the latest issue of Vogue or Harper's Bazaar and trying to read it on a crowded train. 

While I still do buy physical copies of magazines (I'm old school and I love the feel of flipping pages), I've also found a more efficient way to get updated or learn more about the fashion industry through listening to various fashion podcasts. 

Here's a list of my favourite! 

Vogue Podcast

Hosted by André Leon Talley, each episode will feature a number of much-buzzed-about topics - from what’s in the magazine to who’s making headlines to what everyone is talking about around the office. There's already 46 "episodes" to date - the first one being a podcast with Anna Wintour herself. 

Download the podcasts episodes here: http://t5c.co/2fy6N0N

MODTV Podcast

Another one of my favourite podcasts channele to download from is MODTV. What it is is basically a behind-the-scenes access at fashion weeks in New York, Milan and Paris. Here, you'll get to hear interviews and sage advice from make-up gurus as well as the It models and designers. 

One of my favourite has got to be a podcast session with Valentino himself that was done in 2007. It was conducted backstage after his Fall/Winter 2007 show. He talked about beauty and why he loves the idea of the classic beauty, which is reflected in his designs as well as the models he used for his runway shows.  

Download the podcasts episodes here: http://t5c.co/2f84sct