Looking Good: 5 Beauty Vloggers We Love!

We've heard about them, or perhaps we have watched some videos from a couple of them, and the truth is that beauty is not a simple thing to talk about - for 8 minutes straight. And with so many beauty vloggers, who do you follow?! For someone who watches countless Youtube videos on beauty reviews, hauls and hits and misses, I know full well how easy it is to be bored and distracted after 30 seconds into a video of someone simply... talking. Hence I've put together a list of a few trusted beauty/lifestyle vloggers that are seriously entertaining, informative and just fun to watch when you have a couple of minutes to spare or if you're looking for good advice on certain skin issues or a solid review on a product you have been wondering about!


Who: Renee (@Gothamista)

What: If you're looking for informative videos that introduces you to a whole new world of skincare (essentially the science behind it all), Gothamista's your best bet. From understanding what face oils work better for specific skin types and why, to discovering new products, who says you can't learn and have fun at the same time? If you're to watch only one beauty vlogger from this list... Gothamista won't disappoint. p/s 10000% not boring despite it being super informative - I promise!

Who: Jen (@meejmuse)

What: Originally from Australia and now residing in Korea, meejmuse is one of my go-to vloggers for reviews on Korean products. With a range of videos such as showing us the infamous 10-step (or more) Korean skincare routines and beauty shopping 101's when in Korea, you'd never be bored. And of course, she doesn't just focus fully on Korean products so fret not!

Who: Sam & Nic (@pixiwoo)

What: Sam and Nic are two extremely talented makeup artists/beauty vloggers that I've been following for the past 4 years. With extremely impeccable make up skills and tips and tricks, their videos show a range of make up styles and techniques to try whilst also catering to different face shapes (like the video above, where they did a specific look with tips specifically for people with hooded eyes). If you're in need for some date night inspiration - why not look through their videos?

Who: Edward Avila (@edwardavila)

What: Funny, hilarious, raw and 'yaaaaaas'. If the thumbnail from his video above does not already explain the amounts of laughs you'd get while watching his videos, then go and watch his videos! Edward Avila does videos on items that are hits, misses and maybes (like the one above), product reviews, vlogs on his daily life and make up looks. 

Who: Safiya Nygaard (@safiyanygaard)

What: Safiya Nygaard might not exactly be a beauty vlogger... but her videos are definitely entertaining. Being a avid makeup and fashion lover, her videos focus on trying out new trends in these aspects such as trying out magnetic lashes, creating her own lip colours from a kit, wearing what was deemed by the internet as the ugliest jeans for a week and trying out custom foundation which she got through an app. If you want to know what's the latest trend on Instagram or social media in general, her videos should give you a clue! Be ready to laugh, quite a tad bit.


With these 5 beauty/lifestyle vloggers, I'm sure you can go hours on end without ever being bored (but be careful not to sink into the black hole of clicking the button that says 'next video'). They have definitely been a big help for me in my skincare/beauty journey and I hope they will be too for you! May the (youtube) force be with you!