Looking Good: The 7 Skin Method

Everyone loves a good life/beauty/anything hack now and then, but we've also come across far too many that more often than not, are major flops. But not for this - this is one beauty hack for a hydration boost that we've tried, and loved; The 7 Skin Method.

As weird as it sounds, the name for this Korean beauty tip derives from applying your toner, which is also called 'skin' in Korean, 7 times to your face right after your cleansing routine. This method started in Korea over the summer, where oily-combination skin types needed a solution to moisturise, without having an overproduction of sebum due to the richness of the products that they've used. But here's the plus point - it works really well for dry skin types during the winter season. And for us in Singapore, this is a good tip for all skin types because with the crazy ever-fluctuating weather... hydrated skin is our best bet as a balance and counter for the humidity or heat, or both.


When we apply skincare to our face, we don't usually get the full absorption of product we use, especially with all the layering of other products as well.. But with the 7 skin method, we're applying a thin layer of product (the same product by the way), allowing the skin to "drink" it all up before going at it again to get the maximum effects of what we're applying. This method also preps our skin for anything we put on right after.


Step 1: Do your usual cleansing regime

Step 2: Apply the first layer of toner onto your face with a cotton pad as you usually would to remove any access grime on your face.

Step 3: For the remaining 5 applications of your toner, simply pour a 1-dollar coin sized (since we're in Singapore) amount onto the palm of your hand, and pat it on gently to your entire face. Allow some time for the product to be absorbed before moving on to the next layer!

Step 4: On the 7th layer, you can either go again with the toner, or finish off with an essence of your choice, or simply seal up all the goodness with a lightweight moisturiser. If you're doing this in the day, feel free to skip on the moisturiser to your sunscreen and makeup.

Tip: If you're worried on how your skin will react to this, try it out first with 3 layers, before moving to 5 and then 7 layers of toner. Ultimately, what we want to achieve is plump, hydrated skin, so go ahead and use the amount that works best for your skins needs.

What toners should I use?:

This is the most important thing to note while doing the 7 skin method. You'd want to avoid toners that contain alcohol - as these would be stripping moisture off your face over repeated application, and toners that contain any form of acids - e.g glycolic acid, BHAs or AHAs that might cause an irritation or breakout.

The current toning water i use for the 7 skin method: Son & park's beauty water                                                                                                                                               .  image from that it girl

The current toning water i use for the 7 skin method: Son & park's beauty water                                                                                                                                               . image from that it girl

What we think:

Having tried this, I think the 7 skin method is definitely a game changer for my skincare regime. It hydrates my face and keeps it moisturised through the day without the need to use a heavier moisturiser. It also gives my face a healthy glow, which is a big plus for me as I don't use make up!

All in all, this is great and simple step to incorporate into your existing skincare regime without having to spend a huge sum of money (or time). Try it and let us know what you think!