Out & About: CruCycle

Since it's my birthday week and I'm a year older and wiser, I'm going to share with you something that has changed my life this year.

If someone was going to tell me I would be exercising two months ago, the likely response that I would have given is "over my dead body". However in the past two months, some sort of strange phenomenon happened. I am actually looking forward to breaking a sweat.

Now for those who know me, they know that I love to party - I love the music, the pulsating beats and dancing till dawn. That used to be the only form of exercise I got (yes, in a club where consuming alcohol calories balanced out the ones lost through dancing). Used to is the operative term here. 

So, when I discovered spinning classes at CruCycle thanks to Beatrice, Calvin and Valerie (the three genius siblings behind the brand), it was pretty much a life-changing experience. Spin to me before was mundane movement on a bike, listening to some instructor shout at you and well…not very fun at all. CruCycle, however, does things a little differently. Not only is it a community where everyone is encouraged to move at the same pace and ride as a pack, they incorporate an ultra-fun environment coupled with upbeat music that actually makes you want to get on a bike and start moving immediately.


The classes at CruCycle do not just focus on strengthening your leg muscles, instead they are holistic programmes that help to improve your posture as well as strengthening your core and upper body muscles through incorporating yoga, resistance training and dance while riding the bike. It's a great way to get fit and hang out with your friends, and with the eclectic selection of music that you usually hear in a club, it's kind of like partying except you're losing some serious calories at the same time.

Listening to music while working out to me is detrimental, I've always needed a thumping bass, rhythm and beat to get me going and CruCycle does just that with their constantly curated playlists for each class. I still have not attended a class that plays the same song! This just goes to show the effort that they put into selecting different genres of music for each class.

Besides the great facility, CruCycle provides all the necessary convenience for a fuss-free workout session. They include Malin + Goetz bath products, hair serums, shoes, towels and headbands. You only have to bring your workout gear (and yourself, of course) to class. They also have their own range of spin apparel that is designed exclusively for them by New York based brand Alala. Trust me, if you want to look on point and chic during any fitness class, you would want to get your hands on everything.

Everything else aside, there is one important point that resonates the most with me is this: Just like THE FIFTH COLLECTION, CruCycle believes in giving back to the community. In their case, it's to our furry friends by donating a dollar from each paying rider to their pre-selected charity partners. One of these partners is Woof Infinity, which helps support animal welfare in Singapore by helping to promote animal adoption and aids with medical bills of various shelters in Singapore to keep our animal friends happy and healthy.

They always say that a healthy person is a happy person, and ever since I've started my lessons at CruCycle, I think I've definitely achieved both.

For someone who has never really been a fitness enthusiast, the "pack" mentality and positive vibes of CruCycle have changed my perspective on exercise. Sweat alongside me by signing up to ride with the wolf pack!

Unlimited 10 day trial classes cost SGD 65 and individual classes cost SGD 50 or if you love it as much as i do, go all in and sign up for a 50 class package for SGD 2500 which includes 6 free rides. Visit www.crucycle.com for more details.