Fashion Heroes: Mummy + Me

Let's face it, a mother's job is not always glamorous - The long days, the short night of sleep. Sometimes it feels like putting a chic outfit together is super challenging. But sometimes, mom's want to sparkle and shine, and why shouldn't they? After all, they've worked hard juggling a career and taking care of the family, making sure that we all are well-taken care of, well-fed and we walk out of the house looking presentable. 

Ahead of Mother's Day (which is next Sunday, by the way), we highlight some strong mothers who are not only winning at raising a family, but also keeping an on-point sartorial style that's admirable and inspiring. 

So, take five, our dear readers. And take inspiration from the sartorial styles of these fashionable moms. 


She's the first lady of the United States, and that is by no means an easy job. But Michelle Obama, like many of the powerful ladies who came to the White House before her, always manages to get her job done in style. 

From the first time we set eyes on the FLOTUS (that's First Lady of the United States, for those who don't know), when she glided on stage in a Jason Wu gown after Barrack Obama won the Presidential Elections, we knew that there's something about her. Always in support of American designers (her favourite designers are Jason Wu, Narcisso Rodriguez and Oscar de la Renta), Michele Obama's style is classy, upscale yet incredibly approachable. 

What I love about her is that she can go all casual yet still look very much put-together. Granted, she has the money and power to employ help but it is known that Michelle Obama picks and chooses every outfit she wears. Simply because she knows her own style. Plus, she's a working woman and a mother of two. 

The Jason Wu custom gowns she wore at her husband's presidential ball

And her daughters, Malia and Sasha, are also evolving style-wise. Since moving into The White House seven years ago, Sasha and Malia Obama's style has transformed along the way.

What's interesting to me is that Sasha and Malia, while growing up in the public eye, sort of understand their own styles. They have similar tastes in silhouettes - always well-fitting dresses- and styles. It's never too provocative (which is expected), but more than that, it's never too old for their age. 

Even when they're dressed for the recent state dinner with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, they still looked fresh and young. Yes, they were wearing US$20, 000 custom gown from Naeem Khan but the Princess cut, strapless gown were tasteful, modest and youthful. 

And like they're mother they always champion American designers (ok, but that's a given. They ARE the First Family of the United States). 

But more than that, I feel like Malia and Sasha are slowly but surely transforming into their mother -- and that's not a bad thing. Michelle Obama is an accomplished lady on her own, having been a senior partner at a law firm in Chicago before becoming the First Lady. And to be honest, she's the most relatable first lady America has had (I mean, we've seen her dance to Beyonce WITH Beyonce).


If there is ever a power mother-daughter pairing, it will be the pairing of Anna Wintour and Bee Shaffer. 

Of course, the name Anna Wintour is a household name to anyone and everyone worth his/her fashion salt. She is, of course, the editrix of American Vogue and perhaps the most powerful woman in fashion. Over the years, her style has never changed. I mean, that iconic sleek bob, hunched shoulders and huge sunglasses. You can't mistake her for anybody else. 

If there is one word that can perfectly sum up Anna Wintour, it would be "consistent". 
It has been widely reported that slightly more than a decade ago, Wintour abandoned pants entirely and adopted a signature silhouette: a nipped-in waist, a hemline falling to her knee or below, and a conservative neckline. It is usually accessorised with a chunky necklace.

New York's The Cut once wrote: "Even though she could probably borrow whatever she wants from designers, she re-wears her favourite pieces often, often choosing colourful prints and pairing them with cream slingback Manolo Blahniks or an equally simple shoe." 

Bee Shaffer, on the other hand, is slightly more unpredictable with her style. Even though, she knows exactly what looks good on her (I mean, she is the daughter of Anna Wintour!), She wears trendy shorts, tailored pants, beautiful dresses and chic skirts. Of course, she is much younger. And while she is a film producer, she also has a hand in the publishing industry. 

What I love about this mother-daughter pairing is that, while they do have individual styles, when they appear together, they always complement one another. It's great to see them being at the top of their game and still be able to have fun with fashion. 

Ok, fine. Being IN the fashion industry itself surely helps. But we can always take a leaf out of the style books of Bee and Anna. Afterall, going for a school run or a family dinner doesn't mean always being in drab clothes. 


Victoria Beckham has worked her way up to the upper ranks of the fashion ladder - she's a mogul with a multi-million dollar fashion empire. And her style has been lauded by every magazine - fashion or otherwise. 

And while we know that fashion is already in her genes, Harper Beckham is already on her way to becoming a style star in her own rights. I mean, she's already seated front row next to Anna Wintour and on the lap of her (super handsome) daddy, David Beckham. In fact, Harper is the first toddler to ever make Anna Wintour smile. Seriously. Who cares about North West? 

What I love about Victoria and Harper Beckham's style is that they look the most like how a working mother and her daughter would look like. I can imagine many yummy mummies doing a school drop-off or going for a grocery run in what Victoria wears - they're always comfy yet chic; put together but never too stand-offish.