Letter From The Editor: My Singapore

By the time this article goes live, I will have barely landed in Singapore after nearly a month spent in Europe, an arrival deliberately planned to get me home in time for National Day.

As I write this article, I am staring out the window at a rainy Europe, a few degrees below my definition of summer. I like Europe, but I love Singapore, and I wish I could instantly teleport myself home to the warm hug of Singapore’s climate and people. At least I’ll be flying SQ, and I find solace in how seeing the cabin crew always makes me feel like I’m already half home. 

And I mean H-O-M-E - when we land, it’s straight to Boon Tong Kee for chicken rice! The entire time in Europe, my five year old daughter asked for rice and soy sauce in every restaurant and cafe we visited. I guess it’s in the blood!

But back to my notes: this year marks my third Letter of the Editor for National Day, and I would not have it any other way. Taking the time to reflect on past and future should not be reserved for new year’s eve, a year is way to long and does not really reflect the fast pace life that we are all in nowadays. 

For those of you who have been following us since day one, you already know my feelings towards Singapore (if not please read my past national day letters here and here). I won’t belabour the point, but that does not mean my feelings have changed! Instead, I’ll focus on what I wish for Singapore in the year ahead...

This year, my wish for My Singapore is to stay connected to each other. By that, I don’t mean counting your likes and followers on Instagram or improving the 4G network around the island (which is the best I’ve experienced by far by the way). I’m talking about recognising what a uniquely successful culture we have here in Singapore and doing something around this National Day to make sure that never changes.

During Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong visit to the White House, President Barack Obama even talked about Rojak - different races, religions and creeds united in a harmonious whole. This is one of Singapore's greatest achievements, a shining example to be admired and emulated by the rest of the world. Let’s not forget that we are all a real and active part of its continued success. So let’s empower each other in the coming year and make this little red dot shine even brighter!

They say home is where your heart is and mine is firmly anchored in Singapore. Majulah Singapura! 

Until next year…