Letter from the Editor: Will It Become A Collector's Item

So I gave in and bought myself a pair of skater shoes, and if you know me you also know that I'm not an impulse shopper unless I think an item has the potential to become a collector's piece. 

So, why did I purchase these Peter Pilotto for Target shoes on net-a-porter.com?

Let’s start by an honest admission: I am not immune to trends, and after being bombarded by skater shoes on my instagram account, my favourite blogs and seemingly every fashion magazine, I just couldn't resist anymore.

As you all well know by now, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Jimmy Choo (just to name a few) have all come out with their interpretation of the skater shoe, but each with a hefty price tag that I have trouble equating with a skater shoe! Vans are an alternative, and I love Vans, but they just remind me to much of my high school years and the whole trend is more about reinterpretation of style than about throwback, so I decided the jump from Repetto girl to skater girl needed more careful consideration.

It was during my quest for the perfect pair of skater shoes for the perfect price (of course) that Peter Pilotto and Target announced their collection. I've always really liked collaborations and I'm a fan of Peter Pilotto's designs, so it was a no-brainer. If you're going to go with skater shoes, you might as well make a statement and have fun with it, so I chose the bright-coloured ones. While it may not be a very big fashion purchase, I have really think these have special value and they'd already make me small profit if I sold them on eBay! 

So the question is: are those pieces going to become a collector item one day? My answer is 'yes' and 'no'. If you are a sneaker collector, you would already consider them a small prize with the potential to become a gem over time. Think of vintage Nike Air Jordans that are selling for few grand a pair! That said, if the Peter Pilotto skater shoes wind up being produced in large volumes, then that will definitely dilute their potential value as an investment, but at this stage we just don't know yet.

Do you think this is going to become a collector's item one day? Post your answer below!

In the meantime, I simply love my purchase and even wear them to the office, so whether they are a collector item or not, I like their edgy coolness and I am officially hooked on skater shoes!