Letter from the Editor: The Wishlist Reinvented

We all have wishlists. I know I do. I maintain wishlists on my favourite websites, but also some on my Evernote where I keep wishlist for each of my family members and close friends. My personal ones are organised by theme, be it fashion, beauty, home and, of course, for my little one. So it was only natural that we would create a wishlist for our collectors on THE FIFTH COLLECTION, but we wanted to do it right and go beyond a simple catalogue of what you liked.

To start with, our wishlist is called a ♥ list; every time you click on the ♥ list it will automatically update your personal wishlist but it will simultaneously count the collective number of ♥ this item gets. This way not only will you be spreading the love, but with a single click you will also be helping us curate and shape the collection for THE FIFTH COLLECTION community of collectors. We're really excited about our wishlist, another example of how we focus on the details so you don't have to, and when we say we want to empower your wardrobe we really mean it!

To try the ♥ list, you'll need to be logged in to your account on THE FIFTH COLLECTION. We have a lot more carefully considered functionality that we will be introducing in the coming weeks, so make sure you've set up your account and start ♥ your favourite items!