Letter from the Editor: Sharing is Caring

I went to boarding school and loved it. One of the many great things about being in boarding school was that, at any given moment I was able to access my friends/ endless wardrobe and unlimited styling possibilities as a teenager. Like many young girls, this endless closet was a paradise for us, especially since we were constantly "shopping" out of each other's wardrobes and, like in all fabulous boutiques, became personal stylists to one another.

It would have been even better if we had WhatsApp / WeChat back then so we could share our holiday purchases and coordinate with friends before heading back to school. Years after graduating, I still have some clothes that were not mine - the name tags of my friends still on it. And I have a sinking feeling that a pair of knee-high leather boots I once owned is sitting in the shoe cabinet of a dear friend somewhere in Europe. Since then, I've always wanted to re-create that idea of shopping from each other's wardrobes and styling one another.

Thus, joining forces with Robe Raiders for a special collaboration felt very natural; we also had you in mind, dear fashionistas. With that, we are proud to present the first Curaided collection with the amazing ladies from Robe Raiders. With their help, we curated three dozen pieces for you to browse at your own leisure. Taking inspiration from my days in boarding school, we've also come up with different looks by mixing and matching Curaided pieces with our own to infuse our style and reinterpret each piece. You'll find those lookbooks on our social media channels where, contrary to my teenage years, you can share them easily with your friends.

I hope you enjoy the collection and please let me know what you think of it. Happy shopping!