Letter From The Editor

WOW! A full year has gone by since we opened our doors for business. So much has happened since our launch, as did in the year leading up to it, that this post is perhaps the first time I’ve explicitly stepped back to look at how far we’ve come. 

But only for a short moment, dear collector. There is still so much more that we are looking forward to accomplish in our mission to bring you the best experience in vintage and pre-loved shopping.

When I say ‘we', of course, I’m referring to the exceptional team behind THE FIFTH COLLECTION, many of whom you’ve come to know personally through our exceptional customer service or the PS concierge service, or indirectly through our weekly page five editorial posts written by them (that’s right, our editorial is 100% original content made in-house). So let me give a heartfelt thank you to our very own dream team that has worked tirelessly and knows what it means to stand up and deliver. On this shared journey, you have blossomed, and so have I, thanks to you. 
However, this last year has been a success not only because of the team but because of you, dear collectors, by supporting us, encouraging us and showing us so much love. Our buyers and sellers have the most exacting standards, standards that have become our sole mission to meet and surpass. 

Truly, we are honoured by your continued trust.

From the Collector who sent us an email saying "thank you, you made my day”, to the one who sent us a long email to simply thank us and say that what makes THE FIFTH COLLECTION different is the authenticity of the people behind it, to our sellers who have trusted us with their treasures, often extremely valuable ones, and who have been so patient and understanding when we were overwhelmed by requests for consignment. It is our turn to simply say: THANK YOU, YOU ARE AMAZING!

And with that, we shift our gaze firmly forward and to delivering even more value to you in the amazing second year ahead.