One Bag; Four Ways


When it comes to investing in a designer handbag, there are many factors that most people consider before they even make their purchase. This is so that they know they will get their money's worth. 

Out of the many reasons one may come up with for wanting to get that high-end designer bag, one of the most important (and one we feel many tend to overlook) is this: How many ways can I carry this bag? 

Besides the longevity and quality of a bag that you take into consideration for cost per wear, it is always important to take into consideration the number of ways you can carry the bag because that will inform you on the milage you get from dropping a couple of thousand dollars for a bag. 

This week, the Curator picks her favourite versatile bags that can be carried differently for different occasion, or styled in a way so that you will never get bored of your bag. 


Designed by Jonathan Anderson for Loewe, this bag has become a cult favourite for its geometric style which is vastly different from other models in the market. However did you know that the bag can be styled in 4 ways? Yes, you can carry this as a backpack, a clutch, a cross body bag and, lastly, a top handle bag. Truly a bag for every occasion which you can just switch up on the go.

One of the most popular ways to carry this bag is by using it as a crossbody bag. Then, as a top handle bag with the straps removed for a more polished look for a office look.  The team was completely blown away when we found out that this bag can be carried as a clutch. Playing with the geometric folds, fold the bag flat and use the handle as a design detail. Lastly,  as a backpack. By adjusting the strap, the bag can be easily converted to a one shoulder backpack, which is perfect for those who prefer a more hands-free look.



Just like the Puzzle bag, the Hammock is another cutting edge design that we love. It's a practical bag that can also be carried in four different ways just. This one may be similar to the Puzzle in terms of variety of use but, trust us, it needs less effort to change up the look. You don't even have to tweak much with the bag!

The first way you can carry  is as an "East-West" top handle bag. Just let the "wings" of the bag open up so that the side details of the bag are shown.  Or, try zipping the sides of the bag to create an entirely different look. Use it as both a crossbody or shoulder bag. If you buy a model like this one with contrasting textures, you'll get to see the other material more when you carry it this way. 



This classic from Hermès may not be versatile on its own but the design of the bag allows for an innovative look, while playing with the brand's many different scarves. 
(Sidenote: you can use any other scarves, of course)

Using a Maxi Twilly, the curator creates a braided shoulder handle with uneven ends so that the strap ends with a cascading ribbon effect to make it more eye catching. Perfect for those who need a shorter bag strap and a funkier look.  Who says you can't have two straps on a bag? Use the original strap to create an edgy look while using a large scarf to create a crossbody strap tying it at both ends. If you wan you can also tie the scarf as the same length as the strap and carry both straps at the same time for more support.