Style It: 5 LBDs, 5 Ways

I believe that putting together an outfit that's memorable need not be rocket science. All you need is a good foundation and some key pieces. We've said this many times before but the little black dress (or LBD) is really a good start to building a classic wardrobe. No matter the style of LBD you have, a few key pieces and some tricks of layering can change the look completely to give you a new look. 


I decided to pick a pretty basic LBD from Diane von Furstenberg. It doesn't have much detail except for a slight pleat at the hem of the dress. I prefer one that's not complicated and without much going on - it makes styling the looks easier, for those who are just starting out. 

Here, the styling is simple yet statement-making. Because the black dress is free of details, you can add a chunky belt to cinch your waistline and accentuate your figure. In general, I love playing with neutral colours, they allow you to mix-and-match without looking like a box of Crayola just threw up all over your dress. Instead of the standard structured bag, go for a bag with an interesting shape. The hobo-style Fendi Spy bag is a good choice. If you're not a fan of metallic, go for a more earthy tone, instead. 


I picked this dress because it's sleeveless, simple and there's a bit of sheen to it. So, it's a pretty casual look but not sloppy. It's good for weekend brunches or a movie date. Also, the dress looks fuss-free and not complicated -- great for layering! 

Weekend brunch dates (with friends or a loved one) is the best time to dress casual but still inject a bit of style into your whole look. I'm a big fan of layering -- yes, the weather may be slightly erratic to do crazy layering but no one is saying you should be wearing coats. Bomber or varsity jackets are on trend at the moment and the best way to get on the bandwagon is by incorporating it into your look. Here's a tip: Pick a restaurant or cafe with air conditioning. heh. Ok The idea is to just have it hung over your shoulders. Otherwise, a jacket is a great piece to have for a movie date. The sneakers are something that screams weekend. I mean, your feet need to rest too, no?


This dress is obviously sexy - how more perfect can it be for a date night? Its off-shoulder cut let's you flaunt your desirable clavicles and décolletage. It is also figure-hugging and this Versace dress shows off what you should flaunt and hides those figure flaws. 

I always like to add an outer layer to this dress because it gives that sense of mystery and allure. Yes, it's a date night but that doesn't mean you show all your cards, right off the bat. The bright-coloured top layer ensures that the focus is all on you, while the sexy heels gives your back that nice arch. 


A sheath dress with a slight drape detail adds interest to your whole look. The point is: Just because it's a business meeting, doesn't mean you have to dress all boring. What I'd suggest, however, is that you keep your accessories and bag to those that are structured and simple. No fussy designs as it may be a little bit too much. 

A little bit of detail won't hurt anybody, even if you're going for a business lunch. Always pick bags that are structured and boxy, like the Chanel Medallion Tote. it gives off a serious vibe without saying that you're boring. I'd always suggest to add some colour - you don't want to come off as being too intimidating. 


This LBD is slightly girly and prissy, in terms of cut and silhouette. But the trick here is to give it a bit of edge with pieces that give off the biker vibe. The contrast in silhouette and cut make for an interesting look and, besides, it is in how you mix and match the unexpected that really shows off your style.  

You don't have to actually ride a bike to work the look. The point is to put different pieces together for an edgy vibe. I love the Motorcycle Town bag -- it's a great addition to the outfit.