Trend Report: The Return of the Fannypack

This week THE FIFTH COLLECTION has a new obsession, fanny packs. Who would have thought this seemingly dowdy and much frowned upon fashion item would have worked its humble way back into our hearts? Our Curator has been touting her Kirsty Ward S/S 2014 piece incessantly, and now our entire office wants one. Fanny packs are honestly the most fuss-free bags for lunch, travel, parties and or even walking your dog. THE FIFTH COLLECTION believes that sharing is caring and we want our readers to have the best, so what is better than Chanel coming soon on THE FIFTH COLLECTION? We have never been more ready to go hands-free and say "look Ma, no hands!'

Kirsty Ward Fanny Pack (part of The Curator's private collection), Chanel Black Belt Bag SGD1819, Chanel Beige Quilt Belt Bag SGD1284