Style it: So Black, All Black, E'erthanngg

It is no secret that throwing on an all-black ensemble is so much easier than, well, to actually planning the right colour combination to stay on-trend. After all, black is always the new black.

Classic, reliable and always chic, those inky-coloured pieces have been a life-saver for days when you just don’t feel bright and cheery. But to expertly put together a stylish all-black look is truly an art-form only true style savants posses.

But fret not. We’ve come up with a little guide so you can stand out even in the darkest of ensembles.

Styling by: Angie Chen. The Curator. Text by: Rohai, The Scribe

Additional tips...

  • Balance is key - pick a focal point and keep the rest simple and clean for a  more modern look. For instance, accentuate your curves by cinching your waist with the three-buckle girdle belt from Balenciaga. Wear it over a plain black dress to add visual interest to your look. Or wear over your jacket for a more pronounced hourglass figure. 
  • Add dimension to your monochrome look by going for interesting pieces, such as the Black belt bag from Chanel. The quilted leather, for example, adds texture to your ensemble.
  • Keep things from looking too Morticia Addams by introducing surprising elements to your look. This can be anything from getting on-trend rich fuchsia nails for Spring to accessorising with pop of colours, such as theYSL Arty ring in Bleu or the mosaic-style enamel bangle from Hermes.  
  • For a fresh spin on the classic pump, work the Alexander Wang Hannes Leather boots into your ensemble. Team it with pieces that have interesting silhouettes, such as a peplum top and skinny-cut pants.
  • If you’re wearing a black skirt, such as the bandage skirt from Herve Leger or the Paul & Joe wool skirt, make a statement by wearing patterned stockings or thin leggings (it’s hot in Singapore, we know). This adds a bit of chic to your look.