Style It: Could This Be Love?

Most days in the office feel like Christmas; we are constantly receiving, and are therefore surrounded by, beautiful items. However, it's still work, so between checking items thoroughly one by one, cataloguing them and stock-taking, we rarely take a step back and give room to our personal feelings: from our favourite piece to which one we might splurge on (temptation is huge!), to how we would pair it, style it, take care of it or even simply display it in our home.

Therefore, in this week's Style It, we flip things around on the beloved pieces that make up THE FIFTH COLLECTION and ask a question inspired by Bob Marley: could you be love and be loved? As you might imagine, this led to a passionate discussion amongst the team, both because opinions were so different or so much the same! When it came to styling, the same piece went from casual to formal depending who was eying it. And that's the whole point: THE FIFTH COLLECTION is about unique style and collecting for a broad audience. 

The 1960's Burgundy Kelly Hermès has a special place in the heart of Angie, The Curator ever since the piece has arrived to our offices. She can't stop raving about the beauty of this bag, it's stunning patina and the unique character that comes from its age. This classic handbag is a unique piece de resistance for any serious bag lover. THE CURATOR imagines herself wearing simply all the time and making it her signature piece.

The Chanel Ribbon necklace is the favourite piece of Amanda, The Creative. When she first saw it, she thought it might be a little too flashy for her, but she loved it every day more and now she is obsessed. She sees herself wearing with a simple dark denim and white t-shirt with flats, or taking it to the next level paired with a black or white dress for a more formal look. 

The Louis Vuitton Globe is Nejla's, The Editor-in-Chief, favourite piece. She sees herself displaying it in her home office as a piece she can look at during the long nights of work and knows that it will make her smile and think about her next vacation. She also see this as a piece that she could pass along to her daughter when she is big enough not to break it.

The Yves Saint-Laurent tribute pumps in dark blue are the favourite of Katarina, The Creative. She knows that those are simply a classic piece that you can use from day or night, whether casual, chic or formal. The colour makes them a basic staple and these are known to be super comfortable heels. 

The Hermès vintage Smoking Set is the favourite piece of Michael, The Architect. He has fond memories of his grandfather smoking his once-weekly cigar on Sunday afternoons while reading his newspaper and pausing occasionally to look out the window at the garden and get lost in his thoughts. If Michael ever continues his grandfather's tradition, it would be with a beautifully aged set such as this.