Out & About: Fashion Week 101

Lights. Camera. Catwalk! 

New York Fashion Week, the first of the four big international fashion weeks, kickstarted yesterday to a full week's schedule of more than 100 shows taking place till Thursday. This is then followed by those in London, Milan and, finally, in Paris. 

In general, each city represents a different aspect of the fashion industry. New York, for instance, is more commercial with pieces that's wearable and safe in terms of designs. Then, you have London where emerging talents are often discovered (thanks to the Graduate shows, where luminaries such as Gareth Pugh were thrusted into the spotlight). Milan and Paris are the cities to go to for historic fashion labels and couturiers that are not only popular but also respected. Trends for the upcoming season are usually set in these two cities. 

Apart from the fashion on show on the runway, there is, of course, the fashion that is on display off-the-runway. Over the next four weeks, your social media feeds will be inundated and flooded by photos of stylish fashion go-ers, editors, bloggers and celebrities.