Shop Now: Christian Lacroix

If you're a fashion lover, you'd know that the late-1980s to 1990s era belonged to only one man. That man is none other than the inimitable French designer Christian Lacroix. Known for his theatrical style, which came from his work while in the theatre, which shows up in his use of colour in the collections he designs, Lacroix also made popular the 'le pouf' dress, which features the ball skirt silhouette.

In 1989, Lacroix launched an accessories line, which included stunning gold jewellery pieces that feature semi-precious stones. And while some of his archival ready-to-wear or couture designs will cost you more than a pretty penny, his jewellery pieces, which have fast become covetable items by fashion collectors, are within bankable reach. 

Be one of those in-the-know and the envy of many by having one of his pieces in your jewellery box. Head on over to THE FIFTH COLLECTION to check out some of Christian Lacroix's gorgeous jewellery pieces.