Style It: Old New Ways

No matter the season or the outfit, a simple scarf can add instant life to your ensemble. This week, we decided to show you some of the ways you can use scarves to create new looks not only for your outfits but also give your favourite pieces a new life. 

"To create a statement arm party look, wrap a silk scarf around your wrist and add another chunky piece to create depth. Choose a scarf that's bright in colour to draw attention. It's a great look for casual weekend brunch."

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When it comes to hair, wear the scarf as a turban or a simple head-wrap. Trust me, a silk scarf can save you from a bad hair day, or if you just want to add some colour (and 1960s-1970s flair) into your look. For a simple twisted turban look, fold a satin scarf into half and place behind your head. Then, wrap the scarf around the front of your head and tie into a knot. Tuck in the ends of the scarf and adjust so that it fits right at your hairline.

Hermès Alliances duMonde World Scarf SGD 250

"For a hip look (literally), wear it as a belt. You can either fold the scarf into a long strip and loop it through the trouser belt loops (just as you would a normal belt), or create a more statement look by fold the scarf into a triangle and tie it around your waist."

Hermès Grand Tenue Silk Scarf SGD 300,

Those carrying a structured top-handle bag can wrap the scarves around the handle. This give your favourite arm candy a new look for the new year. The best part about working this style is that It also helps protect the handle from wear and tear.

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"Scarves can be pieces of art too. Like this rare piece from Hermès, which may be too precious for everyday use, can be framed, hung and admired."

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