Style It: Hook It

Breathe new life to your favourite pieces by jazzing them up with chic brooches. Our Curator shows you how to make a statement without going over the top. 


Hook it: Attach your brooch(es) to any necklace or pendant to create a whole different look.

1. Agatha Necklace Set (bracelet not featured)


Band it: Wear them as a hair accessory, pinned on top of silk scarves worn as turbans or even setting them with a hair tie.

1. Chopard Circus Silk Scarf


Belt it: Attach brooches to belt to create a unique and one of a kind statement piece.

1. Bozart Lop Belt with Chains


Charm it: Turn your brooch into a charm by fixing it on your chain bag. 

1. Chanel Vintage Chain Bag