Wardrobe Wizard: Taking Care of Your Clothes


written by
Seorin Shim

If you are anything like me, I am often clueless when it comes to correctly taking care of my clothing. And care labels can repeatedly be confusing without a thorough inspection. So, today I am going to help break down the generalisation of what it takes to take care of your beloved items correctly.

Different countries often have different labelling outlines, but what works for me is best to simplify the care of your clothing based on the material.

The point of care according to the material:

Quick note: You should always check the handling on whether or not your garments should be dry clean or machine wash.

And for those of you who find it more convenient to read the care label symbols instead, here is a standardised diagram that you can use to translate them:



-    Avoiding the use of detergents that contain bleach or any brightening chemical

-    Avoiding any abrasion or rubbing during the wash

-    Prevent direct contact to fabric softeners. Often, it's best to dilute the softeners in water first before engaging

-    Always consider that sometimes shrinkage might occur, so best to follow the drying instructions on the care label

- Colors may bleed in natural materials, so best to wash in cold temperature or separately to avoid staining



-    More attentive care when washing as silk garments fuzz easily when it is wet

-    The fabric fades easily when exposed to UV rays

-    Just like cotton fabrics, its best to prevent direct contact to any fabric softeners

-    And always consider that shrinkage might occur, so best to follow the drying instructions on the care label

-  Due to the sensitivity of the fabric always steam iron any wrinkles to avoid marks


Wool/ Cashmere

-    Pilling may occur in situations including an unlikely way of washing it, abrasion, and naturally over time.

-    Rather than risking shrinkage, it's best to hand wash and air-dry any woolen garments.

-    Steam iron is the best choice to clear any wrinkling that may appear on the garment

-    Always keep them in a well-ventilated area



-    Constant retain in shape

-    No particular washing or drying technique

-    And less to no shrinkage compared to other materials


- Always keep the heat at a low temperature when washing and drying

- Use fabric softener for optimal softness and freshness

- Best to dry the garments flat to retain shape



-    Never scrub the garments

-    Unless explicitly stated, hand washing and gentle machine wash is recommended

-    Avoid any substances that include chlorine bleach

-    Shaded air-drying is ideal for polyurethane garments

-    Always use cold iron to reduce wrinkling on the body