Take Five: 5 Alternative Activities This Valentine's Day

Let's face it - Valentine's is around the corner and dinner reservations.. may not be the easiest thing to secure. On top of that, we're all for avoiding the crowds and spending some actual quality time with our significant other. So here's a list of alternative activities that you can do to celebrate this little milestone together with your partners!

1. Why don't you... climb some walls

Sure, it may seem intimidating, but don't let that deter you from the sport! Rock climbing, with the proper safety measures taken, is fun, challenging and exciting as well. There's always an element of discovering what you can do and surprising yourself when you finish some routes you never thought you could. It also requires you to build trust your partner, or in this case of climbing, your belayer. And more than anything, this is one activity that beckons a lot of encouragement from each other as it could get tiring. And isn't everything just a little bit better when the one you love is cheering you on? (We got your back ;) ) While belaying requires a Level One certification at most gyms, Climb Central at Kallang Wave Mall has a special assisted belaying system that beginners can operate even without a certification. There are also routes with an auto-belay system that does not require a belayer. Of course, it is compulsory for every first timer at Climb Central to take a 15 minute crash course on how to belay and use their auto-belay system. 

Where to go: Climb Central at Kallang Wave Mall

How much it will set you back by: $22 for a day's unlimited entry/climbing time + $10 for registration fees and complimentary gear rental (for first timers) or $7 for gear rental

How to be cheesy: "Can I be your belayer for life?"

2. Why don't you... be a leather craftsman (or try to be)

If you're one who loves to make handicrafts or simply appreciates them, why not try your hand at making and customising your own? From cutting to riveting to debossing, The General Co hosts a number of leather crafting workshops on a regular basis where you create your own coin pouch, cardholder and cord organiser from scratch in a short guided workshop. We definitely think learning something new together is a great way to have fun and be creative together,all while putting your heart and effort into creating something for yourself, or for each other. 

Where to go: The General Co at www.thegeneralco.sg

How much it will set you back by: $79 for 1 pax, $138 for 2 pax

3. Why don't you... reenact the scene from 'Ghost'?

Okay, maybe reenacting that scene is not a great idea, but we know that taking a pottery lesson would be! When else would be a better time to simply get your hands dirty and make a few art pieces of your own. While this requires some patience and strength, it could very well be that opportunity to understand each other's taste and to be that helping hand for one another. With all materials provided and firing sessions included, this weekly pottery course consisting of 4 sessions gives you the perfect excuse to ask someone out too, 4 times. 4!! 

Where to go: Mud Rock at www.mudrockceramics.com

How much it will set you back by: $240 per pax for 4 lessons, $70 for a one-off trial lesson


4. Why don't you... explore the great outdoors?

With Bukit Timah Nature Reserve reopening all the sections that were previously under construction, we now have again a new spot to trek at. Why not take a break from your phones and go for a walk with just you, some trees, a few little insects and your significant other. We know for sure that some routes are bit of a climb, which means you can always reach out and grab your partner's hand for support (we got your back, again ;) ). It's also great to simply have alone time to talk to one another without any distractions whilst enjoying nature at it's best, in Singapore at least. 

Where to go: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

How much it will set you back by: $2, for a bottle of mineral water or $0 if you BYOB.

5. Why don't you... try your hand at prawning?

We all know that prawning is the ultimate test of patience. And perhaps this activity is not for the faint of heart, or the impatient. However, we think that it's a great activity for seafood lovers. There isn't anything better than catching your own dinner, fresh out of the water and straight on to the grill. You could also impress your partner with your cooking skills and if cooking is not your strong point, fret not, prawns on a grill won't go to wrong (clearly cooking is not my strong point). 

Where to go: ORTO at Yishun

How much it will set you back by$20 – 1 hour; $30 – 2 hours $36 – 3 hours; $108 – 10 hours (we definitely do not suggest the 10 hour slot)


So here's to a brilliant Valentine's day to all of you!