Take Five: Om O'Clock

For years I was an avid yoga student, and used to take yoga classes at least twice a week if not more. Even while I was pregnant, I continued my practice. And then, I started THE FIFTH COLLECTION, and fast forward 3 years later, I have not set a foot in a gym or at a yoga class in those last years.

Not that I don’t miss it, nor do I not try. But you see while working 3 shifts a day (as I call it) or a 16 hour-day, it leaves me with very little space for anything else other than just seating behind my computer, meeting clients, etc… And trust me I have tried to incorporate my old healthy habits into my heavy schedule.

But here is the thing, most classes that I would like to attend are not available at locations or hours that are suitable for me. Yes I could take 1 hour off my schedule to attend a class, but if you count booking the class, commuting back and forth, changing, shower time and carrying a set of yoga gear with you, all of sudden the barrier to entry is so high that naturally I drifted away. 

Which takes me to today’s article, I purchased the OM yoga book by Cyndi Lee 10 + years ago and I simply adore it. I do own my share of yoga books but this one for me is the only one you should own.

Despite all the classes I have taken I do not consider myself a yogist. I enjoy yoga for what it brings me - it centers me, it stretches me out and it simply helps me to breath, something I often forget to do during my hectic days. Which means that I enjoy guided classes where someone else thinks for me and just knows what I should be doing and in which order. Knowing that I will feel rejuvenated in an hour is the only thing I focus on. Hence, whenever I tried to practice at home I feel always a bit lost. What shall I be doing, in which order etc. Next think you know, I just am not doing it and my couch feels more appealing than my yoga mat.


So, here comes OM Yoga book to the rescue. The book is divided by routines you should be doing each day of the week. The division is so clear, thanks to the daily divider that you don’t need to think too much about it.

Each day of the week you will be working on different part of your body which means that by the end of the week, you'd have achieved a full yoga workout. Moreover, the daily yoga routines takes into account the general state you are in depending on the day of the week. 

For instance, Friday's routine is lighter than Monday’s. The routines are 15 minutes long each, which is an easy and achievable goal (small victories do count) but you can stretch them as you see fit.

For everyday of the week, you have a session that is explained on two pages which makes it easy to place at the end of your mat. It also comes with simple illustrations. The next few pages are in depth explanations of each position, if you need more guidance on them. I love the fact that the author suggests other asanas that are more suited to beginners if needed. 

As much as the OM Yoga book won’t replace an instructor, it will certainly make sure that you won’t fall out of the wagon. It also can help you get back on it, should you have fallen off. I know I have been using my book in the last 10 years, on and off, and every time it's been a pleasure. Even my 5 year old daughter enjoys it. Yes, she joins me on the mat at home. 

So if you are looking to incorporate yoga into your schedule and have looked left and right for the ultimate app or book, I would say go for it and order this book - you won’t regret it. Having said that my only regret is that it does not come in digital form or an app, so I can take it everywhere with me without adding weight to my journey.

How about you, what is your secret to staying fit with your busy schedule? Leave me a comment as I am always looking for way of making my life more balanced


To Buy:
OM yoga the guide to daily practice by Cyndi Lee
Available at Kinokuniya