Wardrobe Wizard: Cherish your Vintage

So, your wardrobe is bursting at the seams and you can’t find the pieces you need when you’re getting dressed. I mean, really, what’s the use of having the latest “It” bag or that elusive vintage Chanel piece if you don’t know where everything is?

Plus, a confusing, jumbled mess of clothes and accessories usually means that your clothes aren’t gonna last very long.

At THE FIFTH COLLECTION, we obviously take our clothing (and its maintenance) very seriously. As lovers and collectors of vintage pieces and also quality clothing that should, by right, last a lifetime, we often ask ourselves how do we maintain these works of art. Here, we list some tips we swear by and we hope that you will share with us yours too!


- Whatever you do, don't use mothballs to ward off those terrifying clothes bugs or moths! Not only are they not safe for Mother Nature, they also have an unusually strong scent (read: cheap floor detergents). Also a big no-no is spritzing your favourite perfume into your wardrobe. This may be a good tip in theory but, in reality, it doesn’t work for Singapore’s weather. The chemicals from the perfume will react to the humidity (and it gets very humid in Singapore) and may leave unsightly stains on your beloved pieces.

- Instead, try lining your wardrobe with the Anti-Moth Wardrobe Lining, which you can get at any Home-Fix stores. What we love is the pretty floral prints on it that recall the genteel floral motif of Laura Ashley. Also, it smells of lavender, which is a great plus!

- Placing satchels of lavender or cedar works too. They’re also more environmentally-friendly. And if you travel alot, and know which hotels provide the best fragrance-infused bar soap, do yourself a favour and take those wrapped soaps home and place it in your closet.

- Alternatively, you can place one of those charcoal filters in your wardrobe. You can get it from Daiso (seriously, our favourite joint) for less than your daily dose of triple, venti, soy, no foam latte from Starbucks.

- Just like you and I, shoes need to breathe and chill. So, it is best not to wear the same pair of shoes more than two days in a row. This saves them from having "wear-and-tear” issues and it will also prolong the mileage you will get from them.

- When storing them, we prefer them to be displayed as "right shoe toe out and left shoe heel out” (yup, just like they do it in Neiman Marcus). This way, you save space and can see both sides to make planning your outfit easier.

- Keep your silk tops in place by placing two or three plastic hairbands on each side of the hanger.

- Speaking of hanger, don’t use wire hangers. They rust and will then snag your tops. Spend those spare change to buy wooden hangers instead. They just look classier, no?

- For your bags, always stuff them with tissue paper (as in the kinds you find in gift boxes and not the Kleenex type) to maintain their shape and always put them back in dust bags.

- When buying your bags, take note of how they are displayed in the store. If they are laid flat, you should do the same for yours.

- Don’t use Thirsty Hippo. The product is so good in removing moisture from your wardrobe, it’ll dry out your leather bags in a snap. So dry that the leather will crack.

- When it comes to storing your jewellery, always display the best pieces. Sure, we’d want to keep them for "special occasions” but if they’re not in sight, chances are you will forget about them when the time comes.

- Buy those clear compartment trays, which you can them from Ikea, for your bangles and bracelets. Ceramic watercolour palette (or those plastic ones) provide perfect slots for sorting and separating earrings.

- For rings, artfully display them on a pretty flatware (such as one from Hermes or Gucci). They add colour to your wardrobe or vanity.


- De-cluter your wardrobe. If that dress is two-sizes too small, get rid of it. We hate to break this to you but there is really no point in overloading your wardrobe with things you can't wear in the near future. It’ll only cause wrinkles to form. You can also win some space by placing all out-of-season items in boxes and store it somewhere else.

- One way of maximising your closet space is by organising your clothes by length. That way, you can use the free space underneath to store more items! You know, like a certain big orange box we all love.

- If you have the space, hang everything. Unless it’s knitwear, of course, then there’s only one thing you should do: fold them. It is really much better for your knitwear and stretchy pieces to be folded so they will not lose their shape.

- For those with a small closet, try having a two- or three-tier rod system instead of a long single high rod. This maximises your closet space as you can make you of both the top and bottom tier to organise your wardrobe.