In The Bag: The Editor-in-Chief

  1. My bag is from Prada.  I got it at a sale in Cannes many years ago, when I was still in University, and it was from the menswear section of a multi-brand store. I love that it is just the perfect size to carry all my essentials whenever I'm commuting from my home to work and vice versa. 
  2. I manage my time better if I write things down. So, I'm never without my Cahier Ulysse in Bleu Electrique from Hermès that I use with an agenda refill.
  3. This Hermès Azap wallet in Bleu Jean was a birthday gift from my husband. I love that it is sturdy and understated, with no obvious branding or logos. It does need a bit of cleaning, though. 
  4. My sunglasses are the foldable Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Actually, I owned three pairs of foldable sunglasses simply because I love how they don't take up too much space and they have a vintage flair. Also, we do live in a tropical country, so sunglasses are a must!
  5. When I'm on-the-move, I do most of my work on my iPad. Between the cloud and all the apps available out there you can do so much with it. My favourite app right now is Pocket, which allows me to keep all my saved articles from the internet in one place.
  6. The Montblanc ballpoint pen is a gift from my family when I started University in Paris. 
  7. I am slightly allergic to ammonia, which you can find in many soaps. So, this Burt's Bees hand sanitiser ensures that I can sanitise my hands without risking a break out. Plus, it smells nice and does not leave your hands looking dry and dehydrated.
  8. I am constantly measuring items that we receive and this pink measuring tape, which was custom made for THE FIFTH COLLECTION, comes in super handy. 
  9. Nars lip colour in Villain is the best way to get a nice shade of red if you are not use to bold colours. 
  10. This Bioderma Water spray is a natural and great way of re- energising your skin when you're on-the-go.
  11. I enjoy writing, especially in my Moleskine black book. I find it cathartic.
  12. This Prada Key Chain was given to me by mother in law years ago,  I guess she knows that I love my bags.