Tech Tip: 3 Apps for the New Year

1. Trello

We’ve tried many of the collaborative task management and personal organization software out there, from Asana to Wunderlist and a whole bunch in between. Bottom line, Trello is the best on all fronts, and most of the key functionality is entirely free.

What we love: 

Trello organises each item in your to-do list or process into cards that can include attachments, checklists, reminders and much more, and then allows you to move these cards up, down and across lists and communicate with others easily in the process. We use it for personal to-do lists, to manage processes and tasks with the team, and even to organise family holidays!
— Michael Finn, The Architect

2. WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is awesome - we love it and and can't figure out what we ever did before it was invented. At the same time, it’s not so practical in the office: you have to pick up the phone every time it buzzes, unlock the screen and type on a mobile screen. WhatsApp Web solves this slight but constant inconvenience by connecting to your device and displaying your conversations as a tab on your browser.

What we love: 

WhatsApp Web gives you a much bigger screen to see all your conversations and you type answers from your computer keyboard which is faster and less prone to typos (“I love you dead”, errr “*dear”). All the emoticons are also available and it allows you to attach anything that is on your computer instead of limiting you to your phone. Bonus: no one at work needs to know that you are WhatsApping.
— Michael Finn, The Architect

3. Inbox for Gmail

Last month, one of our favourite app to handle emails, Mailbox, announced it was shutting down. So we had to find a new way of taming the beast that emails have become in our daily lives. Yes we do believe that email etiquette should be taught in high school. Ok… Noted… Ok thanks. (They should come naturally, no?)

After few trial and errors with different app, we are sold on Inbox for Gmail.

What we love: 

Bulk delete emails options, the snoozing option but more importantly the intelligent way it bundles same kind of emails together, including your online shopping purchases, promos, travel, etc. You can even make your own bundles for the email you keep on getting on a regular basis.

Take your time to understand how it works and next thing you know, it becomes second nature to use it and just like that, you have made peace with your emails. Ok, at least partially.
— Nejla Matam-Finn, The Editor-in-Chief