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I've never actually been a fan of masking. In general, I think that masking once a week (or, for some, once every two days) is such a chore. But recently, I've decided to step up on my skincare game in a bid to slow down Father Time's effect on my skin. Also, working at THE FIFTH COLLECTION has made me a beauty addict. Those of you who follow us on #sopagefive and social media know what I'm talking about. In the office, the girls are always discovering new products to try and we discuss these products as often (some times more) as we discuss what to eat for lunch. 

Recently, I've started to incorporate facial masks into my skincare routine. For Christmas last year, a good friend gave me the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Mask as gift, and I was super impressed with how my face looked and how my skin felt. The clay mask is made from minerals released by volcanic explosions in Jeju, South Korea. Pretty interesting, no? Anyway, my face had a nice healthy glow and the pores felt cleansed and contracted. Since then, I've been looking out for all types of masks. They range from facial sheet masks (I'm currently in love with Skin Inc's Purify + Soothe Black Gold sheet mask, which provides instant relief and intense hydration for the skin) to cream masks (Origins refreshing GinZing peel-off is simply amazing). 

Very so often, I'll alternate my masks among these three products. That is until my birthday earlier this year, when someone gave me the Vitamin C Boost Face Mask by Handmade Heroes. I was very excited to get this because I've read quite a bit on this new Singapore beauty brand in the press and was very intrigued by their "vegan, natural, cruelty-free" claims. Sure, I want to have amazing skin but I also want to have that without affecting the earth. As we always say at THE FIFTH COLLECTION: #ThereIsNoPlanetB. Ok, I must confess that the pink-coloured powder was also a point of interest to me. The colour is pretty! I blame this on Glossier. heh. Anyway, I digress... Let's get down to what really matters.

Click on the picture to visit the Handmade Heroes site for details

Click on the picture to visit the Handmade Heroes site for details

The ingredients:

Australian Clay
Organic Hibiscus Flower
Organic Sweet Almond Oil
Vitamin E
Essential Oils

What it claims to do:

Revitalises skin with a healthy glow and a natural boost of Vitamin C

How to use it:

Take two spoonfuls of the powder and pour it into a small bowl. Then, add 3 spoonfuls of water and mix the until it becomes a paste. Apply all over face. Add more if need be. Leave on for five minutes. Wash off. 

The Review:

From the steps above, it sounded simple enough, yes? In theory, yes. But it wasn't that easy-peasy for me because, of course, being the smartie pants that I am, I did not read the instructions properly the first time I tried it. So, instead of putting the powder in a bowl, I scooped two spoonfuls onto my palm and started adding drops of water. Needless to say, as I was mixing them into a paste, it started to run all over my hands. #NotGreat

I slowly figured out how to add drops of water and mixing the concoction in my palm without spilling all over the sink, but that took alot of effort. Anyway, I have to say that the consistency is pretty thin and so it will be best to use a bowl for the mixing. What's interesting was that the paste produced these tiny micro-beads which I'm assuming is from the Hibiscus Flower and can act as an exfoliant while applying and, later, when you're rinsing it off. 

Once that part is done, I applied it all over my face, making sure to avoid the eye area. To be honest, I added a bit more than two spoonfuls as I felt the original "paste" was not generous and adequate enough to cover my face (I'm a guy, with a big surface area for a face #SorryNotSorry). Left it on and set the timer. 

As the timer approached the five-minute mark, I noticed that the paste starts to dry on the skin and at the end looks and feels like a normal clay mask. Not too bad, I thought. Once the alarm went off, I rinsed my face in a circular motion, just so the bits can do a little bit of exfoliation as well. I love the feeling of a freshly rinsed face! My skin feels taut, but not in the drying sense, and it did look slightly brighter. 

So far, I've used this mask three times and I don't really have any complaints. There wasn't any strong scent while the mask is on, but there's a hint of floral notes which is not too bad, especially since I'm pretty sensitive to scents. 


So, The good and The bad?

First of all, I don't think there's anything bad about the product. I think it is a pretty decent product and for its price (SGD14.90), it is good for those looking to add a good mask to their routine but not necessarily splurge. 

The fact that all of Handmade Heroes products are made from vegan and natural ingredients is definitely a plus point for me. With so many beauty products out there, it is so hard to find simple products with ingredients that you understand. I mean, have you looked at some of the top range beauty products in the market? It's like reading the Periodic Table. So, I find it rather refreshing to find a product that has ingredients I can read, and not some jumbled up alphabets put together. My face is not a Science experiment, and my bathroom is not a chemistry lab, thank you very much. 

Plus, the brand's other products are pretty decent as well. I'm currently using its Moroccan Mint Lip Balm and it does keep my lips moisturised and softens them as well. 

Should you buy it?

I think you should try it out. Plus, it is inexpensive so even if it is not something you fancy, you can either give it to someone else or just use it till its done. I reckon, with the amount I use and the frequency of my use, this clay mask will take me slightly less than a year to finish. That's quite good for SGD14.90 (slightly more than $1 a month). 


Anyway, I'm always looking out for new masks to try. And if you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments below. If you decide to try this product, let me know your thoughts too! Good or bad, I want to hear them!