Looking Good: Sleepover Hacks


COSRX One Step Pimple Pad

What it is: A fuss free pad infused with Allantoin and Betaine Salicylate that helps with soothing redness, pimple problems, blackheads and exfoliates dead skin.

Why we love it: This is the one product that my partner constantly steals when he stays over at my place because of its simple effectiveness that isn’t messy and without the dreaded extra step. I use the pad to target my oily t-zone after cleansing as it helps to minimize my blackheads and potential pimples as it get rids of excess sebum for me. He uses it for calming down acne and redness and what he loves most about it is how clean it leaves his skin feeling with such a simple application.

Tip: Cut the cotton pad into half to share with your partner as there’s more than enough to go around!


Chanel La Solution 10

What it is: A moisturiser for people with sensitive skin created with famed dermatologist Amy Weschler that just consists of only 10 ingredients which protect and soothe the skin from harmful environmental aggravators.

Why we love it: This fragrance free moisturiser is a favourite of ours because of it’s simple ingredient list that is suitable for all skin types. We both love using it as a daily moisturiser that helps even out skin tones and keeps skin feeling hydrated without having to add on extra products. My partner and I both develop sensitive skin during periods of stress, which is what the moisturiser helps to target as it contains Silver Needle Tea, which has the highest level of antioxidants int he world. It keeps our skin in control when we have sudden bouts of inflammation and has no greasy effect even when used in warm environments like Singapore. It's a major plus point for my partner because he doesn’t need to stress about the potential of reacting to an ingredient in the list because of how simple it is!


Clinique for Men Face Scrub: 

What is it: A face scrub formulated to help men before they shave that also helps with ingrown hairs.

Why we love it: This is great for the women that shave their legs as it helps to keep the ingrown hair at bay whilst still being gentle to the skin. It has a slight minty scent that is neutral and does not overpower. This is one item I steal on a weekly basis!


John Masters Organic Citrus and Neroli Detangler

What is it: A light conditioner made of organic ingredients that helps keep your hair tangle free, shiny and moisturized. 

Why we love it: We absolutely appreciate the fresh yet gender neutral smell that works for the both of us. You can use it on long or short hair without the greasy effect that certain nourishing conditioners can have. Another plus point would be the fact that it can be used by the entire family, including the kids as this gem is made of organic ingredients. Win win we say. 


 Khiel's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

What is it: A clay based masque that has been the brand's best seller since its inception. Made to help you reduce impurities, blackheads but also to regulate oily skin. 

Why we love it: Every bathroom should have a clay based masque and for us, this is the perfect one as it does what it says. Use it on your T-zone twice a week and say goodbye to blackheads. When you're feeling a breakout about to happen, tap a bit on it and this will help with the inflammation. The fact that this particular masque has a very neutral smell and feel makes it ideal for the evening where you would both be masking in front of Netflix. What's more, the price of this is technically divided by 2, as you and your partner would both surely reach for it again and again.