Looking Good: Clarisonic Vs Foreo

I have been a user of Clarisonic for the last 6 years. In fact, I first purchased the Clarisonic plus model when I was still based in Shanghai - A city where, unfortunately, not even a double cleanse will suffice. Blame it on the harsh weather, the pollution or the old house I was living in. Lots of charm, this house; the water pipes, however, were not so charming on my skin. 

During my 4 years in Shanghai, I used the Clarisonic Plus religiously day and night and was very happy with the final result. I also made the decision of purchasing the plus model as I wanted to be able to take full advantage of all the options that Clarisonic had to offer in terms of different speed, and skin programs as well as being able to change the brush.

Then I moved to Singapore, and started noticing that I was using less and less of my Clarisonic. Thus time, blame it on a different kind of weather, different type of life and of course a skin that has changed since I had my daughter. However, I did miss the feeling of squeaky clean skin that you have after using your Clarisonic. 

Therefore after hours of research, review reading and some youtube video watching I took the plunge and splurged on a Foreo Luna for normal skin over the Christmas holidays. After almost two month of usage, I am now ready to report on why I chose one over the other. 

But first, let’s get some technicalities out of the way. 

Clarisonic and the Foreo Luna both use Sonic pulsation to help you cleanse your skin better then your hands will do. They are both rechargeable devices that are waterproof. So, yes you can take both under the shower. 

The Foreo charge last much longer then the Clarisonic one and is less bulky. 
When it comes to prices, the Clarisonic ranges from 330 SGD to 180 SGD, while the Foreo Luna ranges from 295 SGD to 180 SGD. 

The Foreo does not need replacement head as it is made in a hygienic non-porous silicone that resists bacteria building. As for the Clarisonic, you will have to change the brush head every 3 months and that is an extra investment to make between 35 and 45 SGD. 

You can, however, make the choice of the kind of brushes you need according to your skin type or your current needs. Both model offer different intensity of rotation so you can adjust it to your exact needs. 

What I love about the Clarisonic

I love the fact that I can get a deep cleaning for my skin without booking myself a facial. So, at least once a week, which in my case is Saturday morning, it's the big cleanse with the help of my Clarisonic followed by scrub and masking right after. 

When in Shanghai, I loved the fact that it made sure that I did not keep any pollution buildup on any day. In Singapore, on the other hand, I felt that everyday was just too much for my skin and once or twice a week of cleansing was enough. 

Another option that I love and this one I use everyday is the body one, even more since Clarisonic came out with the long bristle brushes called the velvet foam body brush that makes your soap foam even more and, with the help of the extension, no more acrobatic moves, contorting in the shower to wash my back. To that, if you add a scrub, my long time favourite is the Uriage exfoliating scrub, which you get full spa pampering in the comfort of your home.

What I don’t like about the Clarisonic

The fact that you have to replace the brushes often, and set a budget for it on a yearly basis. Being based in a humid country and storing the brushes in a humid environment known as bathrooms, makes me a little paranoid about the bacteria buildup. As I am the owner of the first generation Clarisonic I find that the charging device is too bulky which means that when I travel my Clarisonic has to stay behind. Add to that, Singapore regulations of not having plugs in the bathroom means it has to charge in my room - which is not so pleasing to the eye. 

The charging time is also pretty high at 24 hours, so when you forget to charge it, that is it. You need to wait and wait.

What I love about the Foreo Luna

I love the fact that I don’t have to constantly purchase replacement brushes, which means I don’t need to remember when to change them and that it does not incur any extra cost once the initial purchase is made. I love the texture of the silicone - very gentle, thanks to its nodules but yet pretty effective and not too harsh for a twice-a-day cleaning of my face in a minute flat. 

The fact that one charge lasts approximatively 450 uses means I can go on vacation with it. Plus, it is not bulky at all (I often had to leave my Clarisonic behind while traveling). I enjoy the fact that the device is not bulky and charges fully in one hour flat. I love the feeling of my skin just after I use it: super soft and when I see how fast my creams are absorbed into my skin, it makes me feel like the ingredients are getting to where they should be going. #YES

What I don’t like about about the Foreo Luna

It’s not really a deep cleanse device and, due to its shape, it does not do an amazing job around the nose area. It actually makes me wonder if I should have chosen the model made for combination skin as the nodules are longer. 

I had high hopes for the side that is anti-aging, expecting a mini-lymphatic massage. I have the feeling I should have bought the mini model instead of the Luna. Also, there is no indicator for when you should switch to a different face area like how the Clarisonic is, so you end up doing it either too long or too quick a time.

In conclusion....

Both devices definitely clean your face and, for one, your body as well. While one is made for occasional deep cleaning (Clarisonic), the other is more an everyday cleansing tool (Foreo Luna). This is why I recommend purchasing the Foreo, more so if you have sensitive skin. 

Not having to shed extra dollars on the replacement brushes is also something I took into account when making my choice.  However, if I had the possibility of going back in time I will purchase the Foreo mini and would keep the difference between the two models to splurge on a good face exfoliator for a mechanical deep cleanse.

Notes from the editor

  • Always remove your makeup first before using the cleansing device, especially with the Clarisonic.

  • Be gentle you don’t need to apply extra pressure to get the job done, the rotation and sonic are here for that.

  • After each use rinse your device and dry them up to avoid buildup, as for the Clarisonic I will add remove the brush and rinse the inside as well.

  • Pick the right cleanser to use with your device, Cetaphil is a safe choice. I currently use the Rosa Centifolia cleanser from Ren cause I like it when it foams a bit.

  • Don’t over use it and always listen to your skin.