Looking Good: Rouge


Every beauty editor or makeup artist often tells you that you need to find your Rouge - that red lipstick that will save you from hours of doing your makeup; one that would brighten your complexion, whiten your teeth and give off that elusive Parisian flair.

And all these articles or advices will be followed by tips on how to find the right tone of red lipstick depending on your complexion and eye colour etc..

As you can tell, I have been searching for that perfect rouge and, in my quest, trying to put those tips to practice for quite a while. 

I mean, who does not want that one tube of lipstick that is going to make the entire world look pass the fact that you actually look tired? Who does not want a tube that you can carry with you, regardless the size of your bag? And one that will give this je ne sais quoi in two minutes?

Yes, yes. I am referring to those times when we're stuck in the in the office and realised that, after a very long day, we have a last minute engagement. In my case, those moments also include the fact that I have not gone to do my hair and that I am not dressed the right way. 

When it comes to lipsticks, I am pretty particular about texture but, more than that, I am also fussy about the scent it gives off. There are certain brands of lipstick that I simply can’t wear because I feel that the smell is to overpowering. In terms of texture, well, my lips are always dry, despite the fact that I am based in Singapore (humidity-central 24/7). So, can you imagine when I am back in cold-weather countries? For the longest time, my lips could only tolerate lip balms. 

Plus, I usually don’t wear red on my lips as I feel that I can never find one that not only flatters me but also has the right texture. My dream is to find the right colour that is not too drying and one that could be worked in layers. I also don't want to have to carry a lip pencil, so I wanted something that's ready to be used - whenever I need it to, such as in those emergency cases... or simply on days when I don't want to see my own eye bags or dark circles.

So here it goes, I found that life-saver. And, of course, being me I could not resist sharing it on page five. That day came when I was invited to a Chanel makeup trial by Buro 24/7. When the makeup artist first applied the red on me, I thought that the colour was a bit too much and that I was not sure I was able pull it off. I kept wondering if the shade made my lips appear wider and if I will look odd wearing it. And then, when I looked in the mirror I immediately knew that this is the one for me. This was my holy grail of red lipsticks.

I immediately asked for the name of lipstick as if my life depended on it. And so, here it is the Rouge Coco in Gabrielle. 

The Chanel makeup artist explained to me that this was a new formulation and that it will keep the lips moist. While she was explaining this to me, I realised that there was no feeling of tension on the lips - the kind one feels with some lipstick when they are absorbing all the moisture from one's lips. There was no stickiness either, so when your lips move, they move naturally. 

Sure, you need the right Rouge but you also need to feel comfortable and, more importantly, it must look and feel effortless when you apply it. Sometimes, you can find the right colour but it does not feel good on your lips, in which case, defeating the purpose of having the right rouge on. 


What I love about it is the texture. Smooth and not sticky, it goes on easily so you don't need to be an expert to apply it. Plus, there is no distinct smell - at least for me. It appears matte but also seems to have an illuminating effect on my complexion. I am not sure if it is because of the colour or something else in the lipstick, because I did not spot any shimmer (shimmer is a no no for me unless in a gloss).

I know that for the rouge lovers, staying power is important. I find it nice when lip colour stays on my lips throughout the day, moving from a deep red to just a stain after a while, and then goes back to that deep shade with a simple re-application of the lip colour. 

They are various of shade of Rouge in this collection so go ahead and try the one that suits you best. Just like how I found mine.

If you have been reading the past issue I am still looking for a few things for my beauty arsenal and one of them is eye makeup remover that won’t hurt my poor eyes, and yes the perfect Rouge to go on my fingertips leave your advice bellow.