Looking Good: Tip Toe


The same way that I believe that every woman should have at least one pair of nude pumps in their shoe collection,  I always thought that you should find your ideal shade of nude nail polish.

The kind of polish that actually makes you look polished and put together on any occasion.

Nude, being a neutral hue, works with any type of outfit you picked for the day and will match with everything you put on. Also, it is no secret that clean, polished nails can do wonders to your confidence. I'm talking about the feeling you get after leaving the manicurist; all of sudden your bad hair day just vanishes or, at least, seems less important. 

I am always in awe of the women who seem to have found this perfect shade and therefore I have been looking for my own. I've tried lots and lots of nude shades over the years but was never quiet happy with the end result. 

Here is what you need to know about me:
You see I am not really good at keeping my appointments with my manicurist. I am, however, really good at waiting between appointments (read: procrastinate to make the next appointment). Also, as much as I like colour on my toes, when it comes to my hands, I usually like the au naturel look but with a little something.

Most important: I always hated waiting for my nails to dry.

I keep my nails short as I find it easier to maintain but also to type on my dear i-gadgets.
So, this winter, while I was in Europe, I continued my quest for this perfect nude shade and this is how I came across Diorlisse Abricot.

I have been using the cuticle Crėme Abricot for as long as I remember and loved it. So I decided to splurge on this nail polish that claims to "nourish, whiten and strengthen nails, while adding a beautiful hint of pink or apricot. It smoothes out any ridges or imperfections on the nail surface and leaves a shiny finish" 


Result: Not only does it do what it claims but, hooray, the perfect nude tone!

The application is super easy, thanks to a thick brush. This means that one layer is sufficient to give you that clean and healthy, finished look. Plus, it also gives that super natural French manicure look.

Oh, did I mention that I am also not good at applying nail polish on myself? But with this one, it was no problem at all! Super easy and no application marks. I'm impressed.


Last but not least, it dries super fast! And, yes, it is a care nail enamel, so you can even smell the Crėme Abricot while applying it. Needless to say, I am totally sold! This one is surely going to come with me everywhere I go.

Now that that's settled, I'm on to my next quest - the perfect shade of rouge.  Leave a comment if you have a rouge shade that you recommend. 

The Diorlisse Abricot comes in two shades Pink Petal (light beige) and Snow Pink (light pink) which is sure to cover all skin tones.