Out & About: The Projector

Being a film buff in Singapore can be challenging sometimes. With the big-box cinemas only bringing in mainstream Hollywood blockbusters (the likes of Michael Bay’s explosive metal clangs), it is tough to find independent cinemas that show films from the eras long gone in the glory they deserve. 

Talk to anyone who was a youth during the 70s in Singapore and you will inevitably hear about the Golden Theatre. In its heyday, the Golden Theatre (located in Golden Mile Tower) was the Lido of their time. Reviving two cinemas from this historic theatre, The Projector aims to become not only an independent cinema, but also a creative platform that brings together a carefully curated selection of films, unique events and space that is versatile for all purposes. 


The two cinema halls have been revamped into a single-screen, 220-seat alternative cinema hall named the GREEN ROOM while the playfully named REDRUM (inspired by Kubrick’s The Shining) is a flexible lounge space (filled with bean bags) that works both as a screening room as well as an events space available for rent. The Projector is also served by a cafeteria in the sunlit lobby right outside of the two cinema halls. 

I visited The Projector on a quaint Sunday afternoon for a showing of Tom Ford’s 2009 film, A Single Man.

As the lift deposited me on the fifth floor, I could sense the restored glory of the former Golden Theatre. The interior of the GREEN ROOM was also gloriously old-fashioned, my curiosity was piqued when I was told that the fifth floor used to be the circle seats in the Golden Theatre that was subdivided into halls in the 90s.


What is different about The Projector, is that it was started within the community of film lovers in Singapore. Part of the restoration of the two halls were paid for by proceeds from a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. I look forward to how The Projector will influence and change the future landscape if independent cinemas in Singapore.

If you're looking for a cool, new place to visit and you're tired of the multiplexes of our shopping malls, we at THE FIFTHCOLLECTION definitely recommend visiting The Projector for a vastly different experience.

From now till the end of March 2015, The Projector is showing classics from the Coen Brothers, from Intolerable Cruelty (starring George Clooney) to The Big Lebowski. Check out film listings at their site. http://theprojector.sg