Take Five: What To Do When You're Not Travelling on SQ

Singapore Airlines is not only an institution but it is, as far as I am concerned, one of the best airlines in the world. I mean, I have never flown SQ and got disappointed- from the help that the crew gives you to the attention to details on board, it is simply amazing. Singapore Airlines never stops to thrive from the comfort on board even in Economy to the entertainment. You know you are in good hands when you board an SQ flight. When I am traveling for a long time and I see the SQ crew in a foreign airport, I am actually super excited to board the plane. 

So if you see a brunette jumping up and down at the view of the SQ crew in a foreign airport you know it’s me. For years, I travelled a minimum of twice a month, and I did tour the world as a student with all sorts of airlines so if you are wondering if my opinion counts I would say yes - been there, done that. 

Now, thanks to the miles I accumulate while I shop and of course to the fact that I have been based in Singapore for the last 12 years, I am partial to SQ. So, what happens when you are not on SQ, or you just did plan your dream vacations but booked yourself on a budget airlines? Just know that you are in for a long long long flight. 

Over the years here are the things I have noticed that makes the difference between airlines: They include the comfort on board and entertainment on board. Some airlines even today don’t know what entertainment means. As for the food, some made progress while others expect you to pay your seat full price and have the exact change for your meal on board (I am thinking United Airlines here)

For those exact reason I travel prepared and now with my little one I prepared twice as much

For those that travel with kids, you know what it means not boarding prepared. It means you are going to have to entertain them for the duration of the flight and yes, even if you are stuck on the tarmac for few hours.

So I board each flight with my Ipad fully loaded, batteries and extra charger in the hand luggage. Before flying I download the classic movies/show, music and podcasts, as well as books and magazine. On one device I have everything I need to not get bored if I can’t sleep.

For this my favourite apps are for keeping all articles to read for later - you can’t beat Pocket app. For books, Kindle - I always make sure I have several ones freshly downloaded of different genres as I never know in which mood I will be on that day. For the music I already use Spotify on a daily bases I just make sure my favourite playlist are available offline.  I do listen to lots of podcasts on a daily bases so I take advantage of a flight to have some ready just in case I don’t feel like reading. For shows,I love my iTunes account, it is great also to have my daughters favourite movies on it. Last but not least, on trips I have more brain space for magazines, its like a treat for me so I download them on my iPad my favourites are the French Elle, and the Vogue UK but I also enjoy Fast Company. 

For kids I highly recommend Epic just tested it on our latest flight and great way of having books with you cater to their needs. And if you are wondering yes my daughter does have her own iPad… 

Headphones - I do pack my headphones they are bulky but they are amazing as they offer noise cancellation so even if its just to tune out outside noise my Dr Beats come with me.

I still don’t have a solution for my knees hurting during long flight however I finally have one for my neck thanks to Muji. After testing a few and this one is hands down the best one. Why because it really morphs into your shape, and it doubles up as pillow - remember the little one I travel with - this neck pillow has came to the rescue a numerous time. Apart from dressing comfortably I always make sure I have a shawl, scarf with me. Being cold is the worst thing they can happen during a flight and arriving at destination with a runny nose is simply not fun. So I pack a light one but warm one with me.  And oversize hoodie, preferably with a zipper, so you pile up or down as the temperature fluctuates on board.

But we have more on travel looks see article. 

Bring a pair of long socks with you because some airlines don’t give you some and traveling with shoes on for 12 hours is not great and again being cold either. In the past I did bring Falke Slippers socks on board with me, best decision ever.

Now that you are prepared seat back, enjoy and have a great trip …. till next time.